The “Multi Use” controller has 4 sets of voice commands. The Bullseye setting will allow any face time that you choose. The other three settings are for “International” shooting, International “Duel” and the fourth setting is open for what ever you choose to use it for. The time setting is similar to a microwave oven with 4 buttons; minute-minute : second- second. The time settings can be up to 1 hour. If you are shooting time fire it will stay at 20 seconds until you change the time or turn the power off. Then it will go to all 0’s. Your coach can monitor the second count down during any course of fire. At the end of the course of fire the time will reset to the time you just fired. There is a face/edge button for checking targets. The voice commands can easily be re-recorded using anyone’s voice.

The “Bulls-eye” controller has its own rechargeable battery that runs for months without recharging (although we recommend plugging it in for a few hours once a month). It is easy to run and is easy to change the courses of fire. To set up for shooting, plug in the cord from the controller to the target. Turn the switch on and set the course of fire to timed, rapid, or the 1 shot drill. Push the start button and you will hear “the line is ready—ready on the right—ready on the left—ready on the firing line”. The targets will face in 3 seconds unless you have the Random switch on. With the Random switch on, the target will face somewhere between 2 and 4 seconds. There is also a face/edge button for checking the target. The voice commands can be re-recorded by plugging in the mini microphone. You are recording while you push and hold the start button. Unplug the mike and you are back in business.