Portable Target Systems Inc.

Portable Target Systems Inc. specializes in the factory direct sales of premium quality turning target pistol ranges and voice command controllers and offers competitive prices because we only sell our products. We strive to bring the best portable targets to clubs, competition shooters, and police officers around the globe.

Two Types of Systems

The total “Portable Target System” was introduced in 1993 to the individual Bulls-eye Shooter that wanted a quality turning target system for his own practice.

The US Air Force #1 Team was our first military customer for the portable system.

The other type range is our “Retro Range”. This range was designed for clubs that had no turning targets or wanted to retro fit their existing range. It is also popular with individuals that want their own home range. They can start with one firing point and expand it to a bigger range anytime they choose to have more firing points.

We have two types of target Controllers. Our old standby is the “Bulls-eye” controller and our newest model is the “Multi use” with four sets of voice commands.

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